Wee Galary

A note from Surya and Dave…

Did you know that babies develop in so many ways during their first five years that it dwarfs everything they learn over the rest of their lives? Neither did we. Until 2002, when we had our son Sid and read everything we could get our hands on about babies’ development. That’s when we discovered, among other things, these fascinating gems…
• newborns can only see as far as 12 to 15 inches away (around the length of your forearm and hand)
• they are most taken with their parents’ faces
• they are drawn to simple but repeating geometric shapes in black and white
• which is great, because high-contrast visual patterns promote infant brain development
• at around 1 year of age, they begin to recognize animal forms, later calling them by name

As a graphic designer (Surya) and teacher (Dave), we were fascinated by the idea of helping our baby’s brain develop by literally playing with visuals. But instead of just drawing black lines on a piece of paper, we created a planet of animals, which continued to entertain Siddu as he got older. Again, we discovered…
• as motor skills develop, babies start to grab the cards to look at them
• as you tell stories for each animal, your baby may listen and look, starting to turn the card again and again
• as a baby approaches one year, he or she may carry the cards around, sharing them with you and ask for a story. eventually he’ll start to be able to point out each animal as you name them.

Wee Gallery’s scope expanded as we learned along with Sid, and along with his sister Anya, who was born in 2005. They’re now helping us choose animals and weigh in on their design. Surya and the kids paint lots of versions and then choose the best ones. We even often travel together to trade shows. Wee Gallery has been great for our family and we hope it enriches your family’s life too.

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