Tyrell Katz

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I’m James the illustrator and designer and I draw all the characters that you see on our products. I feel unbelievably lucky because I have always loved drawing and doodling and now it’s my job. 20 yrs ago I started Tyrrell Katz with a vision to create designs that were original and fun in their look, feel and attitude.

We wanted to make kids accessories fun and interesting, and thanks to the wonderful feedback we get from our customers it seems we have succeeded in our mission to create a brand that is instantly recognizable and captivates children and adults alike. This means a tremendous amount as we are a family based business and all the hard work is our own.

From the very first moment every care has been taken to design and produce safe, practical and good quality products, that are also colourful, playful and fun. Timeless classics! We are continuously evolving our collection and my two boys, Toby 8 and Ben 6, are a constant source of inspiration. My business partner Nicky also welcomed a gorgeous bundle of joy at the end of June and we warmly welcome Zoe to the TK family. Our children provide so much inspiration as well as making us laugh a lot too!

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